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Introducing new class series for people with diabetes!

Every day, there are new discoveries and evidence to support people with diabetes to live longer, healthier lives. These diabetes discovery classes put that evidence in your hands so you can make informed choices, and live your life the way you choose. 
Most often, people with diabetes are given lists of things they must change, rather than the skills to discover and choose what works for them. The Canadian Diabetes Association recommends that most people with diabetes achieve and maintain an A1c between 6% and 7%. This is absolutely attainable without sacrificing your quality of life! And for people with pre-diabetes, it's a great opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to protect your blood vessels and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.
Diabetes Discovery classes will inspire hope, and provide the knowledge and skills to live well with diabetes.
Diabetes Discovery and Navigation currently offers in-person classes in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. If you have an interest in on-line classes, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.so we can plan future classes to suit your needs.


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